River cruises from A to Z


Just like the entire ship, your cabin also has air conditioning. The cabin temperature can be individually adjusted. When you open the balcony door, the air circulation unit is automatically switched off.


It is generally not permitted to bring alcohol on board. Should you buy alcohol on land during your cruise, a maximum of 1 litre per adult over the age of 18 years may be brought on board.


It is forbidden to take animals on board the ships.


Loudspeaker announcements can be heard on deck and in the cabins (via on-board TV) and are mainly made prior to shore excursions, important events and for special points of interest along the river.


A-ROSA Dining is a four-course menu served at the table and A-ROSA Dining exclusive is a five-course menu served at the table with corresponding wines. Both dinings are available for a surcharge on all cruises longer than five nights and are offered on multiple evenings during the cruise. Please reserve the menu selection and your table at the reception (possible even for larger groups). The menu is published and varies locally, seasonally and depending on the conditions on board.


Bathrobes are available upon request from your cabin attendant or the reception if they have not been placed in the cabin already.



On the A-ROSA ships A-ROSA AQUA, BRAVA and VIVA, there is an indoor and outdoor bar on deck 3, as well as a café and lounge bar. The A-ROSA ships A-ROSA BELLA, DONNA, MIA and RIVA have a café bar and a lounge bar on deck 3; the A-ROSA ships A-ROSA LUNA, STELLA, SILVA and FLORA have one on deck 2. The outdoor bar of the A-ROSA LUNA, STELLA, SILVA and FLORA is situated on the sun deck. The current opening hours can be found in the daily programme.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to take your own bikes on the cruise.


On board and during the shore excursions, you can wear what you like. Dress code is comfortable and casual. Please remember to bring warmer clothes for the evenings out on deck. For the shore excursions, we recommend you bring sturdy shoes. For the restaurant we recommend smart casual dress. However, we do request that you do not enter the restaurants or bars bare foot or if you are wearing bathing suits or sports clothes. In the evening, we recommend that gentlemen wear long trousers.


On the Rhine (A-ROSA AQUA, VIVA and BRAVA, FLORA and SILVA), every deck has at least two cabins with connecting doors. These can also be used as family cabins. For the exact cabin numbers, please call the A-ROSA Service Center (+49 381 202 6001).


You will find deckchairs and a sun canopy on the sun deck. In the interest of all passengers, please do not lay claim to unoccupied deckchairs. Woollen blankets for cooler weather on deck can be found in your cabin.


For all important information and instructions, please see your A-ROSA Journal, which will be placed in your cabin the night before.


A doctor will be in attendance on all itineraries to the Danube Delta. On all other itineraries, we can guarantee medical treatment in emergencies thanks to the infrastructure of the travel region.


The water on board is potable.


Almost all ports of call are starting points for interesting shore excursions in different languages. For more information, please see www.arosa-cruises.com or ask your travel agent. Please also make use of the on-board information event on the fi rst evening (embarkation day): bookings can be made on board. A-ROSA acts solely as an agent for the excursions offered. The local agencies act as tour operators to organise and accompany the excursions.


Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, as well as an embarkation snack and afternoon coffee and cake. Many cruises also include seasonal extras such as sandwiches or a midnight snack. Guests who have booked the Premium all inclusive rate have the following high-quality drinks included throughout the day: tea, coffee and specialty coffee, soft drinks, beer, sparkling white wine, as well as a selection of wines, cocktails and long drinks. Excluded are champagne and some specialty spirits.


In the EU, you can leave the ship as soon as we dock. In non-EU countries, you can only leave the ship after permission is granted by the local authorities. In your own interest, we request that you be back on board no later than 30 minutes before we cast off. The docking times may change at short notice. Please pay attention to announcements and information in the daily programme. Please make sure to pick up your shore pass from the front desk before going on shore. After returning on board, please hand the pass back to the reception. The shore passes are used to check whether all guests are back on board.


Our crew performs their task with great dedication, aiming to provide every guest with an unforgettable holiday experience. If you are satisfied with the service provided, you may acknowledge this in the form of a tip or gratuity. Most guests honour the service with € 5 to € 10 per guest and day. A gratuities box for the entire crew will be available at reception at the end of the cruise. Naturally you can also give gratuities to individual members of staff at any time; this can also be done through your on-board account.


You will find a hairdryer in your cabin in a drawer near the mirror or in the wardrobe. In suites, the hairdryer can also be found in the bathroom.


A few cruises are accompanied by a (multilingual) international host.


For protection against insects, an insect screen in the form of a roller blind/sliding element is usually attached to the outside of the balcony door. When operating the roller blind, please ensure you exert equal force distribution in order to prevent it from getting stuck. It can be locked at the bottom.


On board the A-ROSA ships, you have the option to connect to the Internet using our Wi-Fi. Internet reception is limited and varies by location. For more information on availability, conditions for use and the incurred costs, please ask at the reception. Premium all inclusive guests may use the Internet connection free of charge in accordance with the conditions for use (see WLAN/Wi-Fi).


You can fi nd the planned itinerary in the catalogue. The information is subject to change. High and low water, maintenance work and waiting times at locks and bridges due to shipping traffic may result in short-term changes to the itinerary. In rare cases of extremely high or low water or force majeure, parts of the itinerary may have to be completed by bus or train, and in individual cases overnight stays in hotels may be necessary.


This card is your A-ROSA key and credit card. Please always carry your key with you. In case of loss, please notify the reception immediately.


In your wardrobe, you will find laundry bags and order notes for our laundry service. This will be charged to your on-board account. Suite guests may enjoy the laundry service free of charge.


You will fi nd a small library near the reception. A selection of board games can be found in the day lounge or will be provided on request.


Postcards and letters can be handed in at the reception. The mail will be sent from the next port or at the end of the cruise.


The on-board currency is Euros. During the cruise, you can use your on-board credit card on the ship, and this also acts as your cabin’s key card. At the end of the cruise, you can pay your fi nal bill either in cash, with debit card or with the following credit cards: American Express, MasterCard and Visa. For technical reasons, it is unfortunately not possible for you to pay with Geldkarte or Travelers Cheque Card.


Unfortunately, money cannot be changed on board. However, bureaux de change can be found in the direct vicinity of our docking locations.


In some towns, it is usual for the port authorities to allocate several ships to the same mooring area due to the large volume of shipping traffic. In such cases, the ships are moored next to each other, and you may not be able to see out of your cabin properly. Unfortunately, A-ROSA has no infl uence over this.


The on-board language is German. On board the international ships, the offi cial languages are German and English. English information and an international host are available.


A heated pool can be found on the sun deck of the following ships: A-ROSA BELLA, DONNA, FLORA, LUNA, MIA, RIVA, SILVA and STELLA. A heated whirlpool can be found on the ships A-ROSA AQUA, BRAVA and VIVA in the SPA outdoor area on deck 3. You can fi nd bath towels in your cabin.


Reception is open 24 hours and staff will be happy to attend to your queries and requests. Occasionally there may be a short wait when our front desk staff are on a security tour.


There are no fixed table or seating arrangements. Mealtimes can be found in the daily programme. Mineral water is included with all main meals.


You will find a safe installed in your cabin’s wardrobe where you can store your personal valuables.


Make sure you pay attention to the safety notices in the form of information signs and announcements or safety videos. On the day of embarkation, a relevant briefing on ship safety is given to all passengers on board.


Here you will find a selection from our exclusive A-ROSA collection: films, cosmetics, everyday commodities and souvenirs. The opening hours can be found in the daily programme.


Smoking is only permitted on the outdoor deck. Please do not throw any cigarette butts overboard, but instead dispose of them in the containers provided. Throughout the entire indoor area and in the cabins, smoking is strictly prohibited.


The on-board voltage is 220 V/50 Hz. A dual voltage 220/110 V socket for electrically operated razors and toothbrushes can be found in the bathroom. It is not suitable for other electrical appliances. In the cabin, there are also several other sockets (220 V) that can be used.



Here you will find exercise machines, massage rooms and a relaxation area as well as the following saunas:

  • A-ROSA BELLA/DONNA/MIA/RIVA: organic and Finnish sauna
  • A-ROSA LUNA/STELLA: steam/organic and Finnish sauna
  • A-ROSA AQUA/BRAVA/FLORA/SILVA/VIVA: an adjustable sanarium combined with a Finnish sauna


If you are following a special diet, please contact your restaurant chef at the start of your trip. If you have not yet notifi ed us of your food allergies/intolerances, we kindly ask you to contact us.


When passing under low bridges, depending on the water level, you may sometimes be required to leave the sun deck for safety reasons. Please pay attention to the crew announcements and the information signs.


Incoming calls will be put through to your cabin by reception. The normal roaming charges for outgoing or incoming calls from your cabin will be automatically charged to your on-board account. The ships in the A-ROSA fleet are equipped with an up-to-date GSM telephone system, with which you can dial any number, anywhere in the world. If you would like to make a long-distance call, please proceed as follows: dial the country code, then the local code, then the phone number. Between dialling and the first ring, there is a charge-free pause of up to 30 seconds’ duration, after which call charging starts automatically, even if the call is not answered. Information about the applicable charges can be obtained from reception and from the back of this brochure. GSM telephone: The respective call number of your ship is stated on your key card. Further telephone numbers on board are set out in the telephone list, which you will also fi nd at the back of this booklet.


TV reception is via satellite. While passing through locks and on certain parts of the journey, you may experience interferences with the reception. There are some international channels available.


The reception will be happy to give you a wake-up call.

Wi-Fi conditions of use


The availability, performance or transmission speed cannot be guaranteed. Delays, faulty connections or temporary interference may occur. Prior to using the system, please ensure that your device is compatible with the services offered. The operator will not provide any software, devices or system confi gurations. In order to use the offer, you will need to purchase a valid “Internet-Surfticket”. Your login data will be encrypted before being transmitted to the registration page. Appropriate encryption methods (e.g. VPN, SSL) and security programs (e.g. anti-virus and fi rewall software) are recommended for all other connections. You assume full liability for all your activities in relation to this system. Abuse of the system may result in legal action. We assume no liability for the use or non-use of the services offered. The provider is entitled, at its own discretion, to block or cancel any service, material or information, or to invalidate your access to the system. Should any provision of these general Conditions of Use be or become invalid, then the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.